Our coaching staff has experience working with some of the best big mountain skiers in the world! We progress your training over the course of 6 weeks to bring you strength, durability, cardiovascular endurance, and power that you can apply to your first turns of the year.

No experience is necessary for you participate. We simply scale everything to your ability.


“It has been a pleasure to work with John. His humility, work ethic, depth of knowledge and commitment to strength and growth is impressive. I”ve worked with coaches at the Olympic level around the world and I can say from experience that John”s a good man who can help you achieve your goals without the meat-head ego attached. He”s right on par with becoming one of the greatest coaches out there and is still hungry to grow his scope of knowledge. That”s important.”

-Lynsey Dyer
Professional Skier, Rossignol Athlete, First Ascent Athlete


Contact us to find out how to make this season your best ever!

This program is seasonal, beginning in October and ending in December.  For more information CONTACT US.